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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. Weathington Original ACEO Card by thebluewindmill

A cute little lop-eared rabbit, Mr. Weathington, finds himself out in the rain trying to keep his fancy clothers dry under his red bumbershoot! Where is he going? Who can say? No one knows, but maybe you can guess by taking a look at this charming ACEO by thebluewindmill.

I painted this original ACEO card specifically for this month's challenge and 20% of sales will be donated to the COTM!

I currently serve as challenge leader for the team and am working on some rabbit cards to donate to Bunfest sponsored by the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast in Fl.
Here is an article about the event for you to enjoy: BunFest - A day all about rabbits and the people who love them.


  1. adorable .... I need an umbrella today, as well! Great job!

  2. LOVE it !
    and Waycool about making cards for BunsFest... :)

  3. I saw this earlier and tweeted cute! He has such a sweet face!

  4. Thanks so much!

    Thanks for posting Jess!


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