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Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue Crystal Raindrops Wristlet Pouch by purpleandlime

This pouch by purpleandlime kicks off our April challenge with a a bit of rain and shine that glitters from its jewels! I used the crystals to add a bit of sparkle, just like real rain.

Since the theme this month involves cats and dogs, I will donate 50% from the sale of this pouch to PAWS Chicago, the city's largest no-kill humane organization for cats and dogs! It's a special place to me, as my girl kitty, Lexie, was adopted from PAWS. They do such amazing work for animals! I give donations to this organization a few times a year, and this will be in addition to the normal amount that I give.


  1. So pretty and sparkly!!!

    Great charity!! Iko and Pearl look so sweet. I hope they get adopted soon, as well as all the other animals!!!

  2. Fabulous! And so perfect for the EFA challenge! Love the colors & sparkles!

  3. I LOVE this awesome pouch !

    and what a wonderful charity you've chosen to support- best wishes on sales this month :) and thanks for entering the Challenge...

  4. Boy does this fit the challenge them to the T. Very nice.

  5. thanks everyone! hoping it sells so I can help the kitties and doggies!

  6. This is just darling!
    I used some similar crystals myself to make an ATC that had the "rain/showers" theme to it. Not anywhere as nice,of course,as this wristlet!

  7. Cute! Looks soft, just like spring rain. :)


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