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Thursday, March 31, 2011

APRiL's Monthly Challenge Theme is...

Raining Cats and Dogs:

Rain, Rain, Rain…

Things to do with cats, dogs

AND lots of rain !

I once heard that the phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs” started in England in a time when thatched roofs were common and relatively low to the ground so that animals such as cats and dogs could climb on them. Cats and dogs who happened to be walking on house rooftops in rainstorms were suddenly swept away when a storm became too heavy, thus pouring enough buckets of water down to sweep a 40-pound dog or a 10-pound cat off of a roof!

There is an obvious error with this derivative idea: cats and dogs do not seek shelter from a rainstorm on top of a roof!

But the true origin of the phrase isn’t any better, and I’m not going to divulge it here. Suffice it to say, I can’t ever remember using the phrase myself and, after learning what I’ve learned, I am glad that I haven’t.

What is more important is that we are a group of individuals have joined together in order to help animals!

So... here are some thoughts for this Monthly Challenge:

One could focus on providing shelter for cats and dogs when it’s raining outside or even adopting a cat or a dog thus saving it from an outdoor life which includes inclement weather.

One could focus on providing rain gear for a dog if one has to go out for a walk on a cloudy, potentially rain-filled day, especially if one happens to live in a region where it rains more than it shines,

OR one can simply focus on rain itself :)

I found quite a few art works that would be perfect for our challenge competition but I didn’t want to show them here because I’m hoping that these works will be entered in our April competition so that we all can see, enjoy, and share together!!

This month’s tag is “teamefaraining”, all one word without the quotation marks.

If you are an EFA member & would like to submit an entry, please convo our Challenge Volunteer, Jess of jessicalynneart, with the following information:

1. PROViDE the link to an item in your shop that fits the theme or has been created for the theme.

2. EXPLAiN how you think the item fits the monthly Challenge theme

3. TELL US a bit about your work/donations/volunteer work with animals or animal charities

4. TiTLE your convo with the name of the MONTH and the word CHALLENGE, for example: APRIL CHALLENGE.

One more important step:

5. TAG your Etsy listing with the monthly Challenge theme tag (see the Themes-at-a-glance list here) and be sure to ALSO keep your regular team tag in place, either 'team efa' or 'team efa cotm'.

Submit your entries asap…remember that once we have 16 entries, those will be entered in our Monthly Challenge Competition where the winner will win a free advertising slot with EFA!

Heather of thebluewindmill
Challenge Leader & Promotions

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