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Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilled Dragon Shadow Box by fairycardmaker

Many moons ago, I was once told that my dragons are unique and interesting and that I should find ways to incorporate them into a greater work, like mobiles or other room decor. I have finally done it! This shadow box quilled dragon monogram by fairycardmaker is my first foray into home decor. I'm glad my adventure was spurred on by Team EFA and our "Sweet Shelter and Cozy Comforts" team challenge.

10% of the proceeds of this item will go to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue which is a small registered charity who rescues, fosters and finds homes for dogs.

I teach card-making and other paper crafts on a volunteer basis for the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR). Having grown up with pets, I really wish I had more time in the day to keep one of my own. Since I can't, I try to help in what way I can. A portion of my class fees and a portion of some items in my shop are donated to SOAR to help dogs in need.


  1. Great idea!

    Thanks for entering the challenge! So great of you to help the animals!

  2. AWESOME... spoken by a chinese dragon no less. lol
    THANKS for featuring this beauty !

  3. this dragon is totally badass. well done!

  4. Very cool. Dragons are very special to me, and this shadow box is so pretty. :)

  5. ^This is really cool! What a handsome little fellow he is!


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