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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tumbler Toys by jessicalynneart

A house isn't a home unless a pet has his or her one favorite toy to rely on. I created these tumbler toys by jessicalynneart when James Dean began to tear through his toys like a little monster. When I adopted him he came home with me accompanied by one pitiful little elephant toy whose leg was falling off and whose eyes were hanging on by a thread. Poor "Elly" just couldn't go on any longer, and after buying several toys that JD tore through, I had to do something to keep him entertained and to keep me from running out to grab a new plushie every few weeks.

I pulled out my stash of polar fleece and made these toys with knotted edges instead of stitching. It has been over a year since JD started using his first tumbler toy, and it still hasn't been torn open yet. It has quickly become his favorite toy to toss around while he is playing with his brother, Ringo. I just love seeing him nap, all curled up in a ball, snuggling his tumbler. It's small comforts like these that make puppy life just a bit more special.

I currently donate at least $1 from every item sold in my shop to the Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE) or the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). My favorite way to help animals is by blogging about my own dogs, shelter animals in need, and other pet-related posts so that others can share in my love and respect for animals. I am also the Team EFA challenge blog volunteer who posts all of your lovely entries each month :]


  1. Wonderful... those toys look waycool... i'm off to check them out because i think Gurdy might go for one of them :)

    THANKS so much for helping animals and for your EFA volunteer contribution !

  2. James Dean looks so comfy and cozy with his toy. Love it!

  3. He looks like he approves! Such a sweetheart!

  4. Very cute! They look like really great toys! :)


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