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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birdhouse Stoneware Bead by bitsofclay

The singing of the birds this month not only signals the beginning of Spring, but also the time to clean out the birdhouses for new nests to come. This sweet bead by bitsofclay celebrates the homes of birds everywhere as spring approaches.

I volunteer as a rabbit rescue. I keep the rabbits at my home, take care of their daily needs, see to their medical needs including spay/neuter, and hopefully adopt them to forever homes. Today I have 13 rabbits in my care. 10 are for adoption and the other 3 are under medical care.


  1. Charming bead!!

    So awesome that you care for all of those rabbits!!!

    Thanks for entering the challenge!

  2. Love the birdhouse!

    Oh, so many bunnies to cuddle. :D

  3. I love birdhouses and this one is delightful :)

  4. What a cute bead! How detailed and pretty. Wonderful selection for the theme!


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