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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lilac Scented Cat Pillow by catcalls

This little pink and gray pillow by catcalls is filled with a lovely lilac scented sachet to help bring the fragrance of spring into your home. It can be used in a closet, thrown into a drawer, or tucked into the corner of a favorite chair. The cats are hand drawn with an original design.

I am a supporter of my local shelter, Rescue Village, and donate whenever possible to their fundraisers. I also support the Feral Kitten Rescue Project by sending cat toys and donations when ever possible. Recently, I am the very proud new owner of a 3 month old guinea pig that I 'accidentally' found while writing about Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day for my blog. $2.00 of the sale from this pillow (and the sale of the other pillow) will go the current month's charity.


  1. ohhhh I LOVE this one in particular... truly adorable !

  2. Oh so lovely the kitty! Wonderful entry!

  3. I love the scent of lilacs!
    This is so cute!


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