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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Small BarkingDogBlanket in Waikiki Coral

For the lucky pampered furry one, whether at home, in the car or traveling, he or she will always feel cozy with their coral blanket from BarkingDogBlanket.

I am a finance/business major and never did anything creative until my blankets. My husband and I work together in our photography business; he the creative one and I the business one. Until I started making blankets for my late "Rockie" I didn't know I could create anything. Being able to help animals through my blankets has been such a gift.

I love animals, especially the abandoned and lonely ones. I volunteer at both our local shelters on Oahu, OahuSPCA and Hawaiian Humane Society, with my time, monetary donations, and gifts. Yesterday I was at HHS helping with the 150 puppy mill dogs that were just recovered in the largest puppy mill bust in Hawaii. Hopefully this travesty will bring awareness to this issue and bring about improvements in our animal protection laws here in Hawaii. Also, I am working with OahuSPCA on designing a pet product that they will be able to sell at the shelter and events and make 100% off the sales :)

I support also ECOTM, EMAR BooBooZoo on Maui, United Animal Nations, Farm Sanctuary, SeaShepherd Conservation Society, and PigsPeaceSanctuary. Every little bit helps!


  1. Aw this pooch is so cute!!!

    Love the blanket too! So bright and colorful with that adorable doggy-bone trim!!!

    Great works for the animals!!!!

  2. I loved seeing & reading about your work - thanks so much for sharing and for all that you do to help animals !

    THANK YOU :)

  3. what a fabulous pup on that BEAUTIFUL blanket!! Looks like royalty to me!

  4. That's a beautiful blanket! (Cute model, too!)

  5. How pretty! And look how comfy - looks like a royal pooch!

  6. Nice colours on that blanket! Definitely a "cozy" item!


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