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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love My Dogs Full Apron by AstridNicoleEtcetera

Aprons, being worn by the homemakers in our family, go back as far as I can remember. They remind me of the cozy, sheltered feeling I always had living at home as a child. I send a wish that every child and pet experience those same feelings, which is why I made this apron by AstridNicoleEtcetera.

Astrid, our dog and Etsy shop namesake, came to live with us in December, 2006 at the age of two. Our goal is to help the homeless pets she had to leave behind live a dignified, comfortable life while they wait for their own forever homes. We hope our donations of money and items for the animals and staff help to achieve these goals for the Santa Cruz Humane Society in Nogales, AZ.


  1. So cute!
    Thanks for entering the challenge!
    So great of you to help those still in the shelter!!:)

  2. How pretty. Definitely a homey feeling. And what you do for the dogs is awesome. Astrid is so blessed!


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