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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Time Blanket by BarkingDogBlanket

What I think of when I look at this blanket by BarkingDogBlanket is the home, shelter ,and food that this tree is providing for the squirrel and the little bunny running to join in. It may be shelter from the weather on a rainy day or a place to hide from someone chasing the rabbit, but either way, the tree provides a refuge for animals to turn to each spring. Also, what dog wouldn't love to cuddle up and relax on this blanket after a cold, wet spring day? It's a great snuggle spot for your furry friend.

This found fabric is a one of a kind find and I thought it made the perfect blanket for spring! My neighbor has yard sales, and I find the coolest fabrics that she has never used! She loves when I buy her fabric because she knows it goes to good use by making an animal happy and helping other animals with donations from my shop.

BarkingDogBlankets supports several animal rescue groups here in Hawaii and on the mainland, I also support our COTM.


  1. very cute!

    Thanks so much for entering!

  2. Nothing like sleeping in style! This is super cute!

  3. What an amazing fabric! A truely fabulous blanket! Must get together so I can enter the next challenge! :)


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