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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Deep Sea Dolphin Art Print by terikor

When I think of the beach I think of the ocean. One of the unique mammals of the ocean is the Dolphin. I am fascinated by the intelligence of the Dolphin and how they communicate. Therefore I chose the Dolphin to be my representation of the theme “Off To The Beach”.

The Deep Sea is a monotype by terikor showing four dolphins frolicking in the ocean. Monotypes are a form of printmaking whereby an original inked or painted image is transferred from a plate onto paper. Each print is a unique work and is not repeated. Monotypes are also referred to as hand pulled prints.

This medium enables my artistic expression to become more fluid and loose. By employing colorful palate in these works I have also added a new dimension to my art.

An integral part of my art is being able to donate a percentage to charities that help animals in need. I try to match the charity with the individual art piece. With all my sight hound art, I donate to my breeds rescue, Stola. My cat art donations go to cat charities and in the case of The Deep Sea, I chose California Wildlife Center because they assist coastal mammals and birds.


  1. Wonderful!

    So great of you to help the animals!

    Thanks for entering!

  2. A delightful image... the technique lends itself well to the subject matter !

    Thanks for sharing your work with us & best wishes with fund raising :)

  3. Wow, doesn't that look texturlicious! Very captivating scene!


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