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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swept Away 5x5 by WoodsEdge

This image by WoodsEdge is from an early fall day when my dog and I decided we needed to get in one last nice weather adventure...and we were off to the beach in Cape Cod.

I donate 10% of all sales to EFA’s COTM, in addition to volunteering for a rescue and writing about animal welfare/rights.


  1. Beauitful! Love the edges and how it has that vintage look.

    Thanks for entering and great works for the animals!

  2. beautiful photo, and nice to know the day's story when it was taken- looks like it was a wonderful walk!

  3. What a pretty print! Nothing more relaxing than a walk on the beach by the waves :o)

  4. Now that's a b.e.a.c.h. !
    I can feel the sand crunching beneath my feet :)

    fabulous entry...

  5. SOOO serene and beautiful! Love this image!


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