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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shady Beach Cards by thoseparasoldays

Made especially for this challenge, these sweet cards by thoseparisoldays couldn't be more cool, featuring a cat in fun sunglasses beneath a beach umbrella.

50% of profit goes to animal welfare - split evenly between EFA's charity of the month and local charities in Costa Blanca, Spain.

I try to take care of the cats around my neighborhood on the southeast coast of Spain. Last week I teamed up with a German organization (Los Duendes) to sterilize cats and dogs in the area. We didn't get as many as we'd have liked to, due to many of them still feeding their kittens, but we managed a few and every little helps, right? :)


  1. Cute cards! Love the pic!

    So great of you to help the cat and dogs! Every little bit helps!

    Thanks for entering the challenge!

  2. The card is way cool and so is the product shot :)

    Thanks so much for helping out the strays & ferals in your neighborhood !


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