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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Little Dragon Print by oceloteyes

This print of a painting by oceloteyes is of an Eastern Water Dragon. These gorgeous wild Australian lizards certainly look like dragons - and I think these little guys think they are dragons! If only they were a little bit bigger... They try to look fierce, but they're also curious, cute, and all-around incredible. These reptiles are well-known to many Australians, and the reference photo for this one was taken in the South Bank parklands in Brisbane - yes, there be dragons right in the middle of the city!

The ferns and the log came from my backyard. (I don't have water dragons in my backyard, so I combined different elements to create the painting. I do have a friendly resident backyard python - but that's another reptile story...)

I donate 10% from all sales of my artworks, to animal charities.

Aside from EFA, I'm also an exhibiting member of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society, which promotes the study, appreciation, and conservation of wildlife through art, specifically relating to Australia's unique species. (The original Water Dragon painting was first exhibited at one of our exhibitions at Australia Zoo this year - where a percentage of art sales went to support the Wildlife Warriors Animal Hospital.)

I also foster a baby elephant, Sities, at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya - they do incredible work in rescuing orphaned elephants and rhinos, and I'm happy to support them.
At home, we've got a rescue dog, Charlie, whom we adopted from the QLD RSPCA. :)


  1. What remarkable detail on this cute little guy!

    Those elephants are so cute!!

  2. Delightful !
    I'm sure this little guy looks fierce to a tiny insect :)

    THANKS so much for sharing your beautiful artwork and inspiring stories of animal advocacy.

  3. The colours and the scales are impeccable! I hope this one generated lots of funds while on exhibit. You are quite talented!

  4. What a wonderful painting and such awesome detail! He does look rather sassy, doesn't he? ;o)

  5. A python, huh?? Whoa...but this little harmless fellow is adorable! very nice detail.


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