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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Python in Glasses Watercolor by thebluewindmill

What's more cool for this month's challenge than a reptile wearing glasses? This original watercolor by thebluewindmill features a lovely python is wearing vintage-style Marilyn Monroe cat glasses.

I help animals by volunteering for EFA, signing petitions, and have currently been tweeting for homeless pets in New Orlean, Texas, and Cincinnati.


  1. I've never seen such a friendly looking python... must be a book worm too. lol.

    VERY original Heather- thanks for creating something for our challenge and for your dedication to our team. It makes such a difference to have you onboard !

  2. Thank you kindly Nicole!

    Thanks for posting Jess!

    I think he'd be right at home in a library. My daughter cracks up everytime she sees this painting. I think kids would like it.

  3. Such a cutie!!! :) Beautiful work!


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