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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sea Purrtle Pillow by catcalls

I bet you didn't know there were such things as Sea PURRtles! Neither did I, but I had to invent one to fit the theme of Reptiles in a CAT shop! This pillow by catcalls is made from recycled pillow liners. I hand painted the design onto wet fabric to give the watery look then quilted it onto two more layers of pillow liners, adding more details. The back is an envelope style made with an out of print fabric called "Meow". I thoroughly enjoyed this as it is something new for me, and I was pleased with the outcome!

I am the "Tweeter" for EFA as well as a blog contributor. I also support cat rescue, especially concentrating on The Feral Cat Rescue in Oregon.


  1. How CLEVER, Patty... and oh sew unique :)
    THANKS for starting off the Reptiles Rock Challenge... and for supporting Chriss as well !

  2. Oh so lovely!!
    love the colors!!!

    Great charity!!!

  3. This is so pretty, Patty, and imaginative. Loved to read about your process for making this pillow and it fits in so beautifully with this months challenge theme. Good work!


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