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Monday, February 1, 2010

11x14 Peek-A-Boo Print by DanaCarol's Shop

This item is a 11x14 print of the original "Peek-A-Boo" painting. The original painting was inspired by DanaCarol's cat, Cal, who passed away from lymphoma last year. He was the first cat she and her husband adopted together and they miss him very much. Even though they've adopted and fostered several cats since, there will never be another Cal. She is the Vice President and a volunteer of the Beaufort Community Cat Project, an all-volunteer non-profit organization advocating non lethal methods to reduce the free-roaming cat population using Trap-Neuter-Return.


  1. I can feel how special Cal was as I look into his eyes. Beautiful!

  2. AWESOME cat print... better than Andy Warhol :)

    Thanks so much for sharing !

  3. This is a beautiful portrait of Cal! Dana is such a good artist - and such a wonderful person too.

  4. beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous! Lovely eyes, lovely colours, a real personality :)


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