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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pet Sympathy Gift Set by ScrappyRat's Shop

It's important to let friends or family members who have lost an animal companion know that we understand the depth of their grief. It's easy to feel alone when anyone close to us dies, but when it's a pet, not everyone we encounter will be as understanding as we need them to be. This is a small gift that helps them know that your compassionate thoughts are with them and their pet who has passed on.
The artist does her best to help animals as a foster for Carolina Pet Rescue and through her donations of handmade stationery items and copies of her cookbook for dogs, so they may use them for fundraising. She regularly donates to the vegan sample bags fundraiser for animal charities, among many others.


  1. What a wonderful idea... a pet sentiments card... so thoughtful and sensitive !

  2. This is a "happy place" set! It's lovely!

  3. This is such a great idea - I never know exactly what to say (pet or human so maybe it's just me...;) Very pretty and happy!


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