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Saturday, February 13, 2010

EFA's February Challenge Treasury

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our big hearted, animal loving artists. EFA is truly an amazing group of individuals that comes together over cyber space to work in many ways to help animals of all sorts. Thousands have been raised to help animals around the world through the efforts of our members, many who have never met personally.

The above treasury was created from the first 12 entries that were submitted for our February Challenge. It is a dream of mine to have 24, 36 or even 48 challenge entries so that more treasuries can be created to promote EFA's artists and cause. What would be even more splendid is if our 500 plus members could go to our treasuries and click and comment and make our treasuries the "hottest" on the treasury lists. If you are reading this on February 13th and 14th please visit the above treasury, click on the entries and leave a comment.

Thanks so much,
Lynn aka LolaLynn


  1. So sweet and beautiful ;0) Great treasury and post!

  2. Yayyyy EFA !
    E>>>F>>>A>>> GO EFA>>>> RAH RAH EFA !!!

    signed, your EFA Mo CHALLENGE cheerleader
    xox Nicole

    oh btw: Michele, Lynn- you girls ROCK ! lol


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