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Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 Sasha Beagle Cards by Mvegan5's Shop

3 blank inside 5 x 6.5" cream colored, recycled card stock, signed greeting cards, envelopes included. Front features a reproduction of a good friend's Beagle, Sasha, a sweetie that the artist helped choose and name when she was a little puppy, she was like an auntie to her and her doggy sitter. She passed away last year, she misses her so much. Individual cards available for $2.50. 8.5 x 11" print available for $12. Combined orders recieve shipping discount! 50% helps the charity of the month, see her shop intro and


  1. Your work is so accessible and enjoyable... i relish the anticipation of each new listing as it arrives... to feast my eyes on the many different animals you depict- lovely and fun !

  2. Thank you so much ;0) I'm going to be listing some new artwork soon, working on a Whiskey puppy painting for my husband, and a custom kitty painting too.

  3. I love her eyes, she has such a sweet yet wise expression :>)

  4. what a beautiful painting! She looks sooo adorable!


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