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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Leaves Doll Clothing Set for American Girl by Chicadolly

This is an OOAK pull over sweater hand knit by me from an original pattern to fit an American Girl Doll or other 18in. doll of similar build.It has three small antique metal buttons on the left shoulder for closure and elastic in the neckline for a perfect fit. It is made with worsted weight acrylic in varigated earth tones and matches the included maroon lightweight ultra suede pants with elastic waist and decorative embroidered trim back pocket.

This item is for an older girl because it requires skilled coordination to put on the doll and would prove frustrating for a younger child.

10% of this sale will go to, our EFA charity for the month of November


  1. Wow! Does this come in adult sizes?
    Beautiful colors!

  2. I'm with Heather... lol !

    Not only do i love the outfit but i appreciate all the care you've put into it :) THANKS for showing it off here on the Challenge blog !

  3. This would be so cute with a matching one for the child!! Great color!

  4. Very Sweet! All my huskies are waving Carol, saying thank you for helping SNO!


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