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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sea Turtle Pendant with Green Glass Bead by JFillustrations

I decided to go with the sea turtle pendant - their eggs were "harvested" by poachers until almost extinction (on top of other man-made causes) and now researchers are scrambling to harvest the eggs in the same way but for a different reason - to save them. They keep them in safe areas and release them once they hatch. So, here's to a successful harvest of eggs, which may lead to the bountiful numbers of hatchlings and releases into the ocean for many, many years to come until sea turtle populations are back in strong numbers!

At the moment, I am working with an AR organization on a fundraiser. 50% of sales from this dove pendant will benefit NARA Campaigns (National Animal Rights Association, Ireland and their work to educate the general public on the plight of animals.


  1. I love sea trutles and this pendant is so beautiful.

  2. That's great that people are working to harvest the eggs for a positive outcome!
    Great pendant and super work Julia!

  3. Beautifully presented and what a lovely pendant too !

    CONGRATS on winning November's COTM :) and best wishes with fund raising.

  4. Thank you for featuring my pendant and for your lovely comments!! ~Julia :)

  5. Beautiful pendant! I love turtles. Great entry Julia!


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