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Sunday, November 14, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING - SAGE SNUGGLE SACK - Ultrasuede and Minky Fleece Lining - WOW FACTOR MEETS EASY CARE - Embroidered Personalization by Rendachs

Primmie is celebrating a bountiful harvest with her pumpkin. Now that Halloween has come and gone - she'll ready her pretty pumpkin for her Thanksgiving Feast. My love of animals goes back to a childhood filled with slurpy memories and happily wagging tails. My house is still filled with happy tails from my rescued dumpster kitties to a recalcitrant aging English Setter and a puddle of Dachshunds. I am so privileged to have close contact with exotic wildlife on a regular basis. Cairo, my "grandcub" has stolen my heart. Prince, a rescued lion, fills me with wonder as he carefully puts his paw to my daughter's hand. They share a very strong bond - one few understand. EFA and Etsy have thrown me in the eye of the storm for animal charities. I donate a percentage of all my sales to the charity of the month or outside charities who contact me for help. I enjoy creating items to benefit specific groups. And...I still pick up a stray or two occasionally. Some things will never change!


  1. What a star that Primmie is :)
    and that pumpkin sure looks comfy !

    THANKS Danielle

  2. So cute and cuddly!!
    Love the sage snuggle sack too!

    Great work with the animals and such a caring heart!!!

  3. One of a kind sage snuggle sack! Its sooo cute!

  4. so so so cute, and looks cozy in there, I want one too!

  5. What a cutie! I just love this photo and the entry.

  6. This is beyond adorable and what a beautiful photograph too. Primmie is the prettiest pumpkin in the patch by far :>)


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