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Saturday, November 6, 2010

unique Silk Tapestry Box stash keeper Autumn Squirrel by brizel4TheAnimals

Presenting... Autumn Squirrel... a small unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry Box... a soft vibrant fiber arts container featuring orange & red upcycled silk sari yarn paired with chocolate rainbow rayon. It has a lid of its own which is embellished with a gorgeous carved blue adventurine squirrel.

Autumn Squirrel got her name because she has the best reputation in her neighborhood for gathering the most acorns during the fall season. She happily keeps her bountiful harvest in this colorful stash keeper.

Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals donates to various animal charities including EFA's charity of the month and Defenders of Wildlife and is EFA's co-secretary and blog mistress to the EFA blog.


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors of the box contrasting with the blue squirrel!
    Another Brizel masterpiece!!

  2. Hello little squirrel - you're not going to pelt us with acorns like the squirrels do here, are you? :>) Very cool box - the autumn leaves background colors are perfect!

  3. A perfect choice! In Chicago, I heard what I thought was a catbird in a tree. Such a loud calling so bird like. I couldn't believe it was a squirrel!!

  4. Wonderful idea to give gifts to kids for acorn collection. Just yesterday, my kids collected acorns while we were tripping and stumbling up and down the mountain. If only there were squirrels here, they'd have a bountiful harvest.

    Beautiful box, great entry Brizel!!!

  5. Beautiful Autumn colours in this box Nicole & love the wee squirrel button!


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