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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue Baby Whale Moks by scandeeze

This pair of moks by scandeeze has a whale on the bottom - perfect for the ocean challenge!

I donate a portion of my total sales to my feeding of feral cats in my city. I personally take care of 2 colonies.

I also donate 100% of my pawprint moks sales to here in San Antonio. They are a nonprofit charity that is working extra hard to take care of the exploding dog population on the South side of San Antonio. They walk the neighborhoods looking for dogs that need to be sterilized and then they do that for free and either give the dog back to it's owner or if it is homeless then it enters the foster program for adoption. They also take animals that are hurt and help them heal. Either from the streets or from other agencies nearby. Such wonderful people that I can't not help them!


  1. These are just adorable !

    and I love what you do to help the feral cats... and the dogs too. Such worthy work- Thanks so much for entering these cuties and sharing your stories :)

  2. Cute whale! Love that rich blue. Blue is my favourite colour!

  3. These are darling! So good of you care for the ferals too - near and dear to my heart also!


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