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Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Fish Two Fish Bookmark by KneeDeepOriginals

From a vintage ivory piano key comes a lovely little bookmark by KneeDeepOriginals, a perfect gift for any reader, but especially for one who loves the ocean and the water. I have etched an under-the-sea ocean scene of fish, seaweed, bubbles, starfish and waves using the traditional scrimshaw method.

A portion of my sales is donated to animal charities. I am also a strong advocate for spaying and neutering in my rural area because there are so many neglected and wandering animals who die from lack of care, starvation, or injuries sustained from being hit on roadways.


  1. I LOVE that you make beautiful things from reclaimed materials !

    THANKS so much for helping the animals in your area :)

  2. Such a lovely piece!

    That's great that it's reclaimed!

    Great work with the animals!

    Thanks so much for entering the competition!

  3. So very practical and CUTE! You shop always stands out in treasuries with all the pretty art you list!


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