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Sunday, July 3, 2011

OOAK Recycled Sweater Tote by ursusarctosana

The Meduse Bleue purse fits the July monthly challenge theme "In the Deep Blue" with its jellyfish that swims in the ocean and the wonderful blue shade of the purse. This hand sewn tote by ursusarctosana is one of a kind!

For the month of June I've donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Suncoast Seabirds, and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. I was able to donate part of every sale. Furthermore, I care for a flock of ducks/geese and we remodeled their housing/play area. We also lost one, after hundreds in veterinary care, to a ruptured intestine (he'd eaten some sort of root). And I have two rescue dogs who are now seniors. I keep a blog at where I compile information to assist other waterfowl owners in keeping their pets safe and sound.


  1. An absolutely perfect entry for our July Challenge... its awesome :)

    THANKS for supporting our COTM and helping out other animals in need !

  2. Great item!!

    So great of you to help the animals!

  3. Great item!!

    So great of you to help the animals!

  4. LOVE love love this bag! What a great item for the challenge!

  5. What beautiful colours. Love the flow of the design too!


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