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Friday, July 15, 2011

Orca Beach Painting by BrazenDesignStudios

"Orca Breach" is an original watercolour painting by BrazenDesignStudio. With its rich blue hues and depiction of ocean life, it is the perfect piece to celebrate the deep blue sea.

Over fishing and entanglement in fishing nets and other debris is a threat to Orcas. Not many people are aware that boat noise interrupts foraging, navigating, rest and communication and that pollution such as PCBs and dioxins affect immune and reproductive systems, causing BC Orcas to have the highest levels of toxins of all animals worldwide. (source - Lifeforce Foundation
of Orca Conservation)

I donate 15% from the sale of my paintings to various animal shelters, charities and causes. 100% of the proceeds from my Weimaraner print "Arwen" benefit Weimaraner rescues of North America as well as the Draft Horse print of "Shay" goes directly to Frog Pond Farm - a Draft Horse Rescue located in Ohio.


  1. I ADORE this piece- have admired it for many many months now. It is just STUNNING :)

    THANKS for entering the Mo. Challenge & sharing your beautiful work and animal advocacy !

  2. That is so sad and such a contrast the beauty of this painting.


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