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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All My Friends 11 x 14 Photo Print by JenniferLynnProducts

Hands raised and faces turned up toward the sun in celebration. Friends together, sharing a summer afternoon's joy. The mix of flowers and their happy colors in this photo by JenniferLynnProducts reminds her of a party!

Jennifer Moore is a dedicated animal advocate. Though she no longer takes animals into her home, she does what she can to help them. Chiefly, she donates her art to animal- and environment-related fundraisers and donates a portion of her proceeds to animal-and environment-related causes. Jennifer has pledged specifically to donate a portion of her proceeds to the Team EFA Charity of the Month in any month in which she is able.


  1. You've really captured the essence of the depth that a garden can have- LOVE how the green and the distant tiger lilies off set the little white daisies :)

  2. Love your little white daisies.

  3. Love the little white daisies. Really beautiful.


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