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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bluebird Garden Painting by KneeDeepOriginals

Bluebird Garden by KneeDeepOriginals features one of the many birds who visit my yard and garden. We have a bluebird house on a corner post in our garden which is inhabited by a nesting pair this year. They fly in and out, sit watch in the pear tree or on a nearby post, as the chickens wander below, throughout the garden. I'm an avid bird watcher, as is quite noticeable when you visit my shop, and I make sure to feed them and provide water for them year-round, and especially throughout the winter. 

Five percent of the sale of this item will be donated to my local Humane Society... a very active and important organization for animals in our rural county.


  1. This is part of your recent series, which in my opinion, really really shines., Rebecca.
    THANKS for sharing with us and of course for your animal advocacy work...

  2. Very pretty - almost like a stained glass effect.

  3. Very pretty - almost like a stained glass effect.

  4. I wish a bluebird as lovely as this one would take up residence in my neighbors bluebird house.


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