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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Forest Treasure Necklace by JewelryByScotti

The Forest Treasure Jasper Serpentine necklace is one of several pieces in the Earth Tones collection by JewelryByScotti  that fits the April theme of "The Green Earth." It was designed to bring to mind the cool, deep mystery of the forest.

My work for animal charities consists largely of regular donations to the Humane Society of Central Illinois (where I used to volunteer), Wolf Park (Battle Ground, Indiana), Big Cat Rescue (Florida), the Snow Leopard Trust, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Elephant Sanctuary (Tennessee).


  1. Love this! And the imagery of a cool, deep forest is spot on.

  2. Wow - that looks GOOD. It is flamboyant in colour but restrained in style. Well done!

  3. LOVE that shade of green !
    Thumbs up on it all :)

  4. What a beautiful forest representation. I love green!


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