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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pepper the Alpaca and Wool Rabbit by yarnmiracle

Pepper Bunny by yarnmiracle will add just the right amount of spice to anyone's life. *ah-choo* Just shy of twelve inches from head to toe, Pepper's pudgy self is knit from from un-dyed, hand-spun blend of alpaca and wool from Shadyside Farm Studio. The cream accents on his paws, nose and tail are hand-spun Shetland wool. His soft, squeezable eco wool filling provides the cuddly middle essential in a companion animal. This bunny's dark brown eyes and nose are embroidered with organic cotton yarn to avoid small parts.She is $86 and 12" from head to toe.


When this Companion finds a home, I will donate $10 to my local humane society, Baldwin Animal Rescue.


  1. Pepper is so cute... bet he is soft too !

  2. Alpaca IS soft, I didnt believ how soft until I was givensome as a gift! This is sucha treasure!!


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