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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations Fur-Baby Non-Fur-Baby Handmade Card in White Fluffy Diaper with White Dummy by dragonhouseofyuen

A beautiful handmade Congratulations greetings card featuring a print of my line drawing of a baby hare.

The baby hare is wearing a fluffy white faux-fur diaper with a real safety pin and has a small pearlescent card toot in the mouth.

This is a perfect card to welcome a new baby in the family - either a fur baby or non-fur one.

Annette's charity is Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare and is EFA's June charity of the month.


  1. These are the best baby cards! Very well done, Annette (as always!)

  2. no June Bugs in mine!!

    infact I had no idea what a June bug was - sounded like some make of car!

    but this is the smallest bug sized item I have in my shop.


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