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Saturday, June 13, 2009

closer necklace by LonesomeRoadStudio

What do you want to get closer to?

A luna moth, attracted to a briliant flame, is the centerpiece of the "Closer" necklace. The luna moth, handcrafted in polymer clay then hand-painted in luminous shades of greens and teal accented with silver, is 2-3/4 (7cm) inches wide and 3 inches (7.5cm) long (including the stunning Swarovski crystal "flame").

5% of the purchase price of "Closer" will be donated to the EFA Artists Helping Animals charity of the month, and an additional 5% will be donated to, a group working to promote awareness and research of Colony Collapse Disorder in the honeybee population.

Congratulations LonesomeRoadStudio! This piece sold before it was posted in the blog.


  1. That's beautiful! Very nice rendition of a luna moth.

  2. So amazing, congrats on the sale!


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