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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dance of the Fireflies - original, framed by WindandHoney

I am from the midwestern US and we have bugs that are actually called Junebugs. But since they kind of resemble flying pinto beans, they aren't very artistically inspiring. So I chose another summer bug - fireflies or lightning bugs as we called them when I was little. We would go out at night and they would fly by with their little backsides all lit up. We would hop and dance around trying to catch them. If you could get one, they would light up inside your hand and you could see their light through your fingers.

I donate 10% of my profits from the sale of my art to animal charities. This would be from any of my art, not just the etsy shop. I also often donate artistic services or completed pieces to local groups for fundraisers.


  1. Very original - very nice!
    what a creative super idea - love it all Elizabeth!

  2. Beautifully done! (I love fireflies too.)

  3. This is a very lovely piece!!

  4. Very beautiful. Full of joy and happiness. Lovely. =^x^=


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