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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Bag Wet'n'Dry in blue with sailing boats by Lifecovers' Shop

It's a large beach bag (measures approximately 19" x 17" x 4") which has been cleverly divided - one side for dry clothes and the other for wet. It easily accommodates two beach towels and so much more.
I have a long association with cats. I undertook voluntary work when I lived in San Francisco with the SFSPCA and my job title was 'Cat Socialiser and Adoption Counsellor' - I always thought that was too funny! I had one little rescue of my own but since returning to Scotland have adopted two ginger kitties from a wonderful cat shelter nearby that gets no funding other than what they raise themselves. For this reason, I'm working on making a quilt so they can hold a raffle and hopefully raise lots of money. However, one of my handmade quilts takes about a year to make so I hope they can wait.


  1. Love the crsip "summer at the shore" colors. And the the division for wet and dry - great idea!

  2. Very BY THE SEA.... love how the boat is sailing on the canvas line !

  3. This reminds me of days of sailing with my dad on his sailboat may years ago! Very nice!

  4. so fun and perfect for the challenge, wonderful work for the animals too! :)

  5. Gorgeous bag! Makes me wish the sun would come out so we can all head down to the beach ;-)


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