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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knit Catnip Mouse in Soft Shades of Blue by Vivalechat's Shop

Knit catnip mouse in soft blue ocean shades. This mouse is knit from acrylic yarn in stripes of soft shades of blue--it reminds me of a watercolor painting! Very sturdy design with tight-knit gauge to prevent the catnip from spilling out. This mouse will last for a very long time! Each mouse is approximately 3.5-4.5 inches long not including tail. I fill with only catnip (no cotton filler or other sort of stuffing) and use Cosmic Catnip (a brand of super-potent catnip available at lots of pet stores).
I donate a third of what I earn on Etsy to, an organization that fundraises to help individual families receive the vet treatment for their companion animals that they cannot afford on their own.


  1. Just wanted to add my personal testimonial: these are really GREAT kitty toys - and they do indeed last a long time!

  2. So cute, and love the colors, great cause as well! ;0)

  3. This is adorable!! Looks like a SEA-mouse!

  4. I love the mice in Vivalechat's shop!
    Soooo cute! too adorable to let my boys chew his little head or tail off :P


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