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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nautical Star Compass Pendant and Necklace by Theclaypony's Shop

One of the most important things to take with you when you go sailing is a compass. I made this nautical pendant out of polymer clay, and painted it maroon with black filigree. In the center of the pendant is a print of my digital drawing of a Nautical Star Compass, which is sealed inside the pendant with a clear resin half sphere that looks like a bubble. The picture in the center magnifies when you tilt it and look at it from different angles. The pendant is 1 1/2" in diameter, and hangs on a 19" dark brown braided cord, which has a lobster clasp closure. 20% of the sale of this necklace will be donated to the Etsy For Animals (EFA) Charity of the Month.


  1. Of Course, everyone needs a good compass to navigate the waters of life :)

    What a perfect By The Sea entry !

  2. What a great idea for this month's theme. And your shop is full of so many cute things!

  3. perfect necklace for the theme and to help you find your way in life! love it! :)


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