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Monday, June 14, 2010

I Loved a Narwhal by Scarlettbfox's Shop

The narwhal is my favorite sea creature because it is so surreal and dreamlike. How can such a magical looking animal truly exist? I wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful animal with a cheerful, pretty painting. I try to respect and help animals in all that I do. I am a donor to HSUS, the CSRA Humane Society, and Vegan Outreach. In addition to being an active member (and eater) in my local Vegetarian club, I am also a founding member of our brand new, proactive animal rights force in Augusta, GA, called SAVE. I am new to EFA, but I am already in love and look forward to helping the team!


  1. Welcome to EFA and thanks for entering the monthly challenge.
    Loved browsing your shop. Hope to see you in next month's challenge: Butterfly Garden.

  2. The Unicorn of the Sea! But this one really does exist! So pretty. And I am so happy to hear of your commitment to your local groups!

  3. Beautiful! So glad you're part of the team!!

  4. Amazing creature, wonderful painting, and great work helping animals, happy to have you as a new member of our fabulous EFA! :)

  5. This is just awesome,love to see the Narwhal represented:)

  6. what a beautiful happy narwhale!!
    welcome to efa :)

  7. welcome to efa! love your painting!

  8. Welcome to the team , beautiful work

  9. Welcome!! Very colorful painting♥


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