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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunken Treasure Dive Chain Necklace by Purpleandlime's Shop

Who doesn't dream of finding sunken treasure? A plastic toy treasure chest and a green and yellow scuba diver hang from long gold-look aluminum chain. The plastic toys are connected with green anodized aluminum and gold-plated jump rings. Gold-plated clasp closure hooks onto a green anodized jump ring. The plastic figures have the description of the toy engraved on them but this writing is very small and not very visible. The treasure chest is heavier than the diver so it sits at the bottom of the necklace.
5% of the sale price of each animal piece goes to Fundacion Mona, a chimp rescue center in Girona, Spain.


  1. I did not even know you were an EFA member-and I tweet you! How funny! This a great entry!

  2. thanks everyone for your nice comments! I hope it sells to help the animals : )

  3. Whimsical and fun!!
    What a great cause too!


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