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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bigfin Reef Squid Print by Lkjohnston's Shop

Bigfin Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis Lessoniana) is a beautiful translucent creature that lives in the reefs of Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia and the Red Sea. I've been enamored of cephalopods since an encounter with an octopus while scuba diving. For more information on these fascinating creatures I recommend
My most recent charity donation was to Bat Conservation International, to help them with their work trying to save bats from white nose fungus, and promote bat awareness and conservation. I am also a supporter of Best Friends and Jane Goodall Institute.


  1. Fascinating ! must be incredible to go underwater and explore that entire world...

    Thanks for helping the bats- i'd like to set up bat houses on my land and create a pond to attract more of them one way.

  2. How pretty. I can't imagine running into an octopus while scuba diving!

  3. A beautiful water color. Love the use of the blues and greens. Thanks for sharing the information link about squids, too.

  4. Thank you, squid and octopus truly are some of the earth's most beautiful inhabitants. Watercolor is a natural for depicting them!

  5. Beautiful painting & great to find out more about these creatures! jx


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