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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dangle Spider Halloween Card - Black and Red Glitter by fairycardmaker

SPIDERS ARE SCARY! While I like them in the remote corners of my house to trap any of the other buggies that might have snuck in, they are still scary to me! This handmade paper die cut spider is my original design and the scariest things I've got. It doesn't even need a lot of "dressing". The way the spider is loose dangling on the page by its white paper string web line is spooky enough, I think!
20% of the proceeds of this card goes to support the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR). This rescue arranges the foster care and adoption of dogs and is 100% run by a small handful of volunteers. The card workshops I run are mini-fundraisers for this charity. Most workshops generate enough funds for a microchip for a dog or a month of food for a foster family.


  1. Scary and sparkly at the same time.... adorable spider although i wouldnt want to see one like that in my household. lol

  2. Oh, I hate spiders. But, he or she is rather cute!

  3. Oooo! I love the dangle aspect! Cute! Some spiders around here,esp the wolf spider, are big enough to put a leash one!

  4. I really admire spiders,and like them in the corners of my house to get the bugs too. This one is great!

  5. I love that your workshop proceeds will cover a microchip in an animal! That is such a great way to quantify results.


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