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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Licorice Spider - Hand Knit Organic Cotton Spooky Toy by Yarnmiracle

He's completely spooky. And he wants your candy. Come to think of it, I want your candy too...If he sits down beside you, don't run off! This spider is a gifted conversationalist and will keep you entertained for hours. You can't judge a book, you know. We've got a house guest at the Miracle Residence. We picked up a little black and white short haired terrier looking dog girl on the uninhabited portion of a county road. Our city's brand new shelter is already over crowded, so she'll be staying with us until her people come looking for her (which I hope they do, all the vets/shelters/animal Control people know where she is) or we can find her a new home through our local humane Society, BARC. I am very glad that we have an office off of the main house to use as her apartment - a couple of the permanent cats don't appreciate the merits of canines and this Little Girl is the kind of canine who likes to chase cats all around.


  1. 'The Thing' looks wired to jump on you. What if I don't gotta any candy ? Will it eat me ? Gawdzilla of the spiders ! eeeeekkkkk !

  2. Well it can't have my candy no matter how cute it is...okay maybe just the licorice!

    So great of you to take in the dog and to try and find it's owner!!

  3. Unless they eat children, our rule is that we foster the strays we find. Little Girl Dog (it's been two weeks now so we really should find her a name - Ellie calls her "cow") is our first extended stay guest in a while. It's a whole lot easier when they are indifferent to cats.

  4. Thank you for fostering the pup! :) Fun entry :)

  5. This guy is fabulous! I'd love to have him on my living room ceiling!

  6. Very spooky spider! Have fun with your house guest until she's ready to leave. Bringing comfort, warmth and love to a little lost pup while she waits is so kind.

  7. Love his curly-q legs! Awesome spider!


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