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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trick or Treat Husky Towel by Faeriegood

Get your Boo face on, it's almost time for Halloween. Here's a little something to decorate for the occasion. This cute embroidered towel made from 100% cotton homespun muslin fabric has a tab on the top corner for easy hanging. It measures approx. 20" square and is machine wash and dryer safe for easy care. 10% of this sale's profit will go to the EFA October Charity of the Month which is Feral Cat-Kitten Rescue Project, chosen by our Twitter Volunteer, Patty, of


  1. Such a happy guy! This one is very very cute!

  2. Just adorable! Perfect for doggy lovers on Halloween!

  3. Not scary at all ! A very cheerful entry indeed...
    Love those little bats flying around :)

  4. So adorable and a doggy supporting a kitty charity. Love it!

  5. Our foster dog turned new member of the family we think is part husky and yes they do like to have fun!

  6. Great holiday additon to kitchen or bath. Adorable!


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