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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Night Mare Halloween Notecard by epicfarm

HEY LOOK - It's an EEK-quine...This handcut silhouette of a night mare (heh heh heh) comes with grinning skulls and some of 'dem bones (brr :o) It seemed appropriate that her mane be standing on end in terror and honor of this spooky occasion. Silhouette is mounted on bright orange paper (what else?) and flanked by filmstrip cutouts backed in black for a little added pizzaz. We are a small family run non profit with a variety of horse related programs for families and small groups in Southeast Alabama. 100% of the proceeds from the sales in this shop are donated back to the farm in support of our equine residents.


  1. Great card!!
    At first I thought it was a monster because of the skeleton eyes at the top but then I saw the horse! Really awesome and great charity! Thanks for taking care of the equines!!

  2. Great card! I love all of her work, and it is so good to see her featured :)

  3. I LOVE iT !!!

    I appreciate the detailed placement of the fabric motif (ie: the eyeballs to correspond with hers) - and the design is absolutely marvelous- SO MUCH FUN :)

    THANKS for entering the Challenge and wishing you well in the upkeep of the ranch horses.

  4. So cool! Love it love it! And 100% to the horse...that's awesome!

  5. Thank you SO much everybody!! Your comments are most kind. (Hi there Meggles! ;o)

  6. This card is intense. I was looking and suddenly realized that the positioning of the skulls was creating all the detail. Love it!


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