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Thursday, October 7, 2010

There is a safety in numbers - card set of four by Thoseparasoldays

In the right light, shadows turn into creatures of their own..... "Shadows" Separated and blinded, they crept, uneasily, reaching for one another" 50% goes to animal welfare - split evenly between EFA's charity of the month and local charities on the Costa Blanca, Spain. I work with the feral colonies on the Costa Blanca in Spain - the latest good news was the re-homing of no less than three kittens into the same family! :)


  1. Very scary and romantic!
    Love the poem!

  2. Beautifully scary- nothing like going out into wilderness for a walk at night.

    I also love the format of the cards and their presentation !

  3. I love the black and white. Perfect effect!

  4. beautifully mysterious! thank you for helping feral kitties :)

  5. Love the attention brought to shadows. I can imagine sitting in the midst of those trees for an hour, watching the shadows move seemingly by themselves. Like your cards very much.


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