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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After the Storm Print by JenniferLynnProducts

This photo by JenniferLynnProducts was taken in Maryland in 2010 after one of the blizzards that shut down the DC area for a couple of weeks.

I donate my art and photography a few times a year to various animal-related fund raisers. I'm also a "mom"/slave to 8 rescued cats. I don't take in animals any more, but I donate my art, money, and wish list items to various animal-related organizations. This past December, I donated a really nice dog bed and some other items to my local animal shelter. I also help to spread the word and put people in touch with one another when a rescue is needed on the ground. Animals are a huge part of my life!


  1. beautiful! An absolutely lovely photo!

  2. Well...I sure can relate to this! Beautiful! But I'm ready for some green!

  3. Love this. It's almost as if we look long enough, we will see the branches drop their snow.


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