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Monday, January 24, 2011

Be Mine Hat and Fingerless Gloves Set by knitbyvalerie

This cozy hat and fingerless mitten set by knitbyvalerie was hand-knit with merino wool with a tight-gauge to increase warmth. Finger access is helpful for those who find that regular gloves are too cumbersome.

I have 6 rescues in my home and I have successfully encouraged friends to adopt from shelters. Until recently, I volunteered in the rabbit room at my local public animal shelter and am frequently educating people on the rewards of having house rabbits (rather than caged or hutch rabbits). I started my shop solely to be able to give more to rescues in an economy that would otherwise make it difficult for me.


  1. Love the colors! So cozy and warm!
    Thanks for entering the monthly challenge!

  2. Your creations are just beautiful. And your blog site is amazing. Great job!


  3. Lovely design and very pretty yarn- I think the set is a definite winner!

  4. Beautiful the color.

    We had a house rabbit once. It's so fun to walk in a house and be greeted by a rabbit!


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