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Friday, January 28, 2011

FEB 2011 EFA CHALLENGE: Companion's Corner

February's Monthly Challenge theme:
Companions Corner

February's monthly challenge theme is "Companions Corner"; please tag your listing "teamefacompanion", without the
quotation marks.

For EFA members when someone says the word "companion" we do not always and immediately think of a human; instead we think of our furry (scaly, feathered, etc) friends who are often much more to us than can be described in words.

For your "Companions Corner" Monthly Challenge entry: "
pay homage to your non-human companions and family".

I hope that you will find that in all of the following definitions of "companion", our friends are the best representation of the word:

1. Somebody to be with: somebody who accompanies or shares time with another.

2. Somebody whose job is accompanying another: somebody employed to live with [or help] another person.

3. Matching article: an object or item that goes with another to make a pair.


"Ode to Companion Animals"
By Margaret Loris, Pet Healer

"Have you ever felt afraid, hurt, anxious, or lonely?
Did you ever feel you were alone in the world?
That noone could understand you.
There was noone to help you.

And even if there was, you were so badly hurt that your voice could not even ask for help.

That you felt so much pain that you were afraid to cry.
Because the tears might just never stop.
And then, from nowhere, you get the best gift in the universe.

An animal, no matter what kind, comes ever so gently to comfort you."


I am looking forward to seeing all of your entries and all the ways that our team defines "companion" with or without words. Happy crafting everyone!

P.S: Submit your entries asap... remember that the first 16 qualifying entries will be automatically entered into our Monthly Challenge Competition where the winner is awarded a free advertising slot with EFA !

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