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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arctic Serenity Art Tile by terikor

Arctic Serenity by terikor fits the winter challenge in several ways. My title uses the word Arctic, which conjures the feeling of cold, winter and snow. Then the winter white Samoyed was bred for the cold winter weather and to herd reindeer, hunt and pull sleds through the snow.

My own dogs and cats have brought a great joy to my life and I share that joy through my artistic creations. I capture the spirit and emotion of each animal or pet through their eyes. For me the eyes tell it all. I look into the eyes trying to figure the animals inner soul. Every pair of eyes tells a story and my job, as an artist is to look beyond and find the heart and soul of each pet or animal.

Since my pets give me so much joy, I wanted to give some of it back to those animals in need. I started by donated to my own breed's rescue, Stola, Saluki Tree of Life. What began as one charity has grown to about 10 or so charities that I donate a percentage from the sales of the majority of my art.


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